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  • Corporate Team Building Activities in U.A.E.

KICKOFF Sports & Amusement gives you an opportunity to have fun with your bosses and colleagues with the Ultimate Team Building Activities in U.A.E.

These unique FUN Games help you:

  • Boost Teamwork - Games offered at Kickoff cannot be played alone and require to team up
  • Reduce STRESS & DEPRESSION - When you are physically active, your mind is distracted from daily stressors. This can help you avoid getting bogged down by negative thoughts.
  • Boost your Self-Confidence - It breaks the ice with new team members
  • Leadership Traits – Studies done in high schools reveal a correlation between sports participation and leadership qualities.
  • Social Benefits - Builds lasting relationship among the members of the team.
  • Improves your Concentration - Helps keep your key mental skills sharp which includes strengthening hand and eye coordination and increase strategically thinking.

People go back, happy, energized, more tolerant and positive with a better understanding of themselves and others.

KICKOFF has four playing courts where we can conduct matches to cater to One-day Tournaments & Corporate Leagues for either a company or a group of companies.

KICKOFF can also tailor make a team building activity as per staff requirements, capabilities and likings.

For Bookings & Enquiry you can Call us at 04-3574113 / 050-3091687 or Email info@kickoffdxb.com
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