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Human Foosball in Dubai

About Game

A life-size remake of the classic Foosball game where you and your friends can enjoy the passion of living the game is what you can expect at Kickoff. Foosball has always been a favorite sport, not just of the small children but the adults as well. While playing it the conventional way with the plastic foosball players has always been fun, if we told you that instead of those plastic players, it could be you standing there in real life playing against your friends.

Kickoff, based in Oud Metha, Bur Dubai, is one its kind who offers life-sized makeover of Foosball. This fun-filled sporting activity is one of the top attractions of Kickoff Sports & Amusement Tracks.

Playing Time : 30 mins/ 45 mins
No of players: From 8 to 14 players at a time
No of tables: 2

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